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Tuba je limeno puhačko glazbalo u položini basa: u toj porodici glazbala, ona je predodređena za izvođenje najdubljih tonova.Dužina čunjaste cijevi iznosi 565 cm. Tuba je prvi put napravljena za pruski vojni orkestar 1829. godine. Vijest je brzo stigla u Francusku gdje je Hector Berlioz preporučio zamjenu ophikleide tubom u Fantastičnoj simfoniji.

Description PURCHASE AT AMAZON USA or from Amazon in your area Total Flexibility for F Tuba is a unique and comprehensive guide to legato flexibility. Mastering these studies builds a solid foundation for the development of a singing legato style. Instructive text is offered for each study in this book. All of the studies are optimized for F-Tuba.

The smallest member of the collection is an old F. A. Reynolds euphonium. This is a classic American tenor tuba. They would have called it a baritone horn in those days, but by any measure it is very similar to a modern euphonium. Frank Reynolds made pistons for the H. N. White Company, who made King tubas in the early days.

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The Laskey 30F tuba mouthpiece is designed to provide comfort, rich color of sound, and precision for bass tubas. Scott Laskey based the 30F on the measurements of the 30H. It has the same rim contour and diameter as the 30H, but has a cup that is roughly 1/3 less shallow. The 30F tuba mouthpiece is the perfect option for the tubist that wants.

TUNING YOUR TUBA by Jeffrey L. Funderburk An organized and orderly tuning method is essential for optimal performance of an instrument. This is particularly important in order to evaluate an instrument. Tuning must involve more than merely adjusting the main tuning slide.

Description Learn to play the tuba free in a few lessons Learn to play the tuba with our lessons for beginners. Discover all the secrets of this musical instrument of great size. You will find videos of simple to follow so that the learning is easy and pleasant. We have hundreds of sheet music of songs to play the tuba.

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